We provide the following build services:

AZ Connect specialises in pit and pipe installations. We can excavate trenches below the ground to safely run conduits or pipes for various services and utilities. Over the years, we have worked with a number of electrical and plumbing companies to carry out pit and pipe installations and fibre optic installations.

AZ Connect specialises in the installation of underground power cabling, fibre optic cabling, and other communications cabling. We can install cables on private property and link numerous buildings by installing conduits along public roads. We provide a number of trenched and under-boring services and have experience with highly-detailed conduit installations.

We offer the following installation solutions:

  • Horizontal trenchless directional drilling
  • Ground trenching to a depth of 600 mm
  • Micro trenching
  • Ploughing
  • Chain trenching
  • Rock chain trenching
  • Traditional digging
  • Buried communications cables

AZ Connect has the proven capability to safely remove asbestos materials. Our licensed asbestos team is trained and experienced with all aspects of asbestos exposure, containment, and removal.

We remove hazardous materials in a safe and controlled manner and provide remedial services for sensitive sites with ecological challenges. We have the expertise required to effectively treat and remove contaminated fill and ground water in all conditions.

We offer the following asbestos services:

  • Non-friable asbestos removal
  • Contaminated soil removal
  • Contaminated water removal
  • Hazardous material removal
  • Complete site remediation
  • Air monitoring
  • Clearance certification

AZ Connect is one of the leading civil construction companies in Australia. We deliver a vast array of professional civil solutions with unmatched creativity, innovation, and precision.

At AZ Connect, we invest in the safety of our team and believe in the quality of our work. Our experienced team of engineers, estimators, site supervisors, and project managers offers valuable input and professional advice throughout the project lifecycle. Our team is ready to complete detailed work without compromising on quality standards or deadlines.

We have certified service partnerships with AARnet (CSIRO Education), Downer (NBN, FTTC), Fulton Hogan (ITS Networks), TPG/ Vodafone (Telecommunication Network), Ventia (Vision Stream ITS Networks and Communications), John Holland (Rail) and Seymour Whyte (ITS Networks).

We offer the following civil construction services:

  • Civil works
  • Civil construction solutions
  • Recoverable works and decommissioning
  • Hauling and hauling blockage rectification
  • Pit and pipe works

AZ Connect provides open cut trenching solutions to meet project requirements and exceed environmental standards. Our highly trained and experienced team provides a safe and efficient service based on the intended outcome and scope of your project.

Open cut trenching involves excavating a trench to install or repair existing pipes or conduit along with other infrastructure. We deliver tailored services based on surface materials, conduit or pipe placement, and environmental needs. We will assess your project and provide you with detailed advice and excavation solutions.

  • In a non‐pavement area, the excavation can be backfilled and the surface vegetation can be restored.
  • When located under pavement, materials are removed, the area is filled, and the pavement is replaced.

Open cut trenching is ideal for collapsed pipes, severely broken pipes, and heavy root blockages. This method can be less expensive than trenchless methods in non‐pavement areas, as roots and debris don’t have to be removed.

At AZ Connect, our trained and experienced team has advanced EWP (Elevated Work Platform) skills and certification. We have a high-risk work license as detailed in units of competency by the National Training and Information Service (NTIS). EWP certification is a recognised standard by SafeWork NSW and other state and territory regulators.

At AZ Connect, we can locate underground cables and repair blockages using advanced geophysical detection. We utilise electromagnetic tracing, underground service locating, and ground penetrating radar (GPR) prior to digging activity. Following inspection, we make detailed plans and carry out mechanical excavation and drilling to access the underground location.

We ensure accurate subsurface utility information from the beginning of each project. This gives us the ability to complete work on time, within budget, and with greatly improved risk management.

We deal with the following underground cables:

  • High and low voltage electricity cables
  • Street lighting and roads cables
  • Mains and sub-main cables
  • Earth and ground wires
  • Fibre optic, NBN, and communication cables
  • Irrigation control solenoid cables

We specialise in finding and repairing blockages, including CCTV pipe inspection, conduit sealing, and high-pressure water jets. Depending on the scenario, both cold and hot water units can be utilised to clear pipe blockages.

We offer remediation services for road crossings, footpaths, and driveways. We can demolish existing footpaths, road crossings, and driveways without affecting nearby services. We provide compacting and concrete pouring services, and deliver consistent solutions that match existing finishes.

We deliver construction and asset management solutions for roadside equipment cabinets. We work with New South Wales traffic and transport departments to implement new Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). Our work includes the deployment of dynamic speed zones, active lane management, ramp metering, traveller information systems, e-tolling, and other well-established systems. Our complete process covers everything from installation to commissioning and testing.

Hydro and vacuum excavation is a safe and efficient excavation technique with a wide range of applications. This form of material extraction is faster, safer, and more cost-effective than traditional digging.

At AZ Connect, we have expertise in the following use case scenarios:

  • Potholing – non-destructive and safe digging close to underground infrastructure
  • Slot trenching – digging narrow trenches for the installation of pipes, cables, and utilities
  • Mass removal – safe and efficient way to remove materials and expose underground utilities
  • Debris removal – removal of sludge and debris to clean specific materials without impact
  • Utility Location – used to excavate utilities in ultra-tight spaces with minimal impact and restoration
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We understand your business

At AZconnect, we listen to your needs and forge strong relationships built on mutual respect.

We create connections based on trust, transparency, integrity, and accountability. We believe in communication and take time to assess the scope of your project before work begins.

We combine professional experience with technical know-how to ensure high-quality outcomes every time. AZconnect is in the business of making connections.

We help to drive your success

At AZconnect, we connect people with infrastructure to enable sustainable long-term growth.

We provide a complete range of solutions for infrastructure construction, fibre installation, and maintenance projects in Sydney and regional NSW. All solutions are designed to meet and exceed government and RMS standards for quality and safety.

We leverage the power of our close and honest team to deliver real value across industry sectors and applications.

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We respond to your changing business needs

At AZconnect, we are proactive and responsive. The ability to react positively to your needs is what sets us apart from our competitors.

We understand that circumstances change, and we have the expertise to act accordingly. For example, if project scopes blow out, new information must be considered and acted upon immediately. Clients value our ability to respond and improve on a daily basis.

We address unique and changing requirements with professionalism, efficiency, and adaptability to stay at the forefront of the industry