What We Do

AZconnect is a subsidiary of Haulaway (NSW), an established company and industry leader in copper and optical fibre hauling on the Telstra network. Over the years, our company has grown and expanded into diverse but related fields, including civil construction, fibre optical cable installation, and multiple cable hauling projects.

We have certified service partnerships with:

We offer complete solutions and carry out commissioning when required.

AZconnect has vast experience completing large-scale projects across industry sectors, including:

20 years

in telecommunication infrastructure

6 years

with the National Broadband Network

5 years

with Optus, TPG, AARNet, and Pipe Network projects

2 years

with Sydney Motorway, and Light and Heavy Rail projects

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We understand your business

At AZconnect, we listen to your needs and forge strong relationships built on mutual respect.

We create connections based on trust, transparency, integrity, and accountability. We believe in communication and take time to assess the scope of your project before work begins.

We combine professional experience with technical know-how to ensure high-quality outcomes every time. AZconnect is in the business of making connections.

We help to drive your success

At AZconnect, we connect people with infrastructure to enable sustainable long-term growth.

We provide a complete range of solutions for infrastructure construction, fibre installation, and maintenance projects in Sydney and regional NSW. All solutions are designed to meet and exceed government and RMS standards for quality and safety.

We leverage the power of our close and honest team to deliver real value across industry sectors and applications.

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We respond to your changing business needs

At AZconnect, we are proactive and responsive. The ability to react positively to your needs is what sets us apart from our competitors.

We understand that circumstances change, and we have the expertise to act accordingly. For example, if project scopes blow out, new information must be considered and acted upon immediately. Clients value our ability to respond and improve on a daily basis.

We address unique and changing requirements with professionalism, efficiency, and adaptability to stay at the forefront of the industry