AZ Connect is dedicated to high-quality outcomes delivered safely and efficiently"


Attention to detail

We never cut corners and pride ourselves on projects free from defects.


Collect information from the field as construction progresses in order to provide the client with accurate field artifacts and as-builds.

Experienced Team

The quality of our work is embodied in our loyal and strong workplace culture.

Commitment to Excellence

We are ISO accredited and possess an integrated Management system that is compliant with:

  • Quality Management to ISO 9001
  • OHS Management System to ISO 45001
  • Environmental Management Systems to ISO 14001

Workplace Health & Safety

AZconnect is committed to ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of all employees, contractors, and clients. We have strong internal policies and align with our partners to promote safety and transparency for all stakeholders. Our company meets all state and federal health and safety requirements. A number of systems and procedures are in place to identify hazards and control risks in line with state and federal legislation. 

AZconnect implements a proactive workplace culture to ensure safety standards, compliance, and excellence. We offer numerous opportunities for staff training, toolbox talks, investigations, audits, and consultation.


We believe in positive and sustainable processes"

At AZ Connect, we understand the importance of effective environmental management. As a key ethical and commercial imperative, we integrate sustainable environmental models into all of our operations.

From shaping urban landscapes to supporting regional growth, we support and protect all of our operational environments.

Our environmental commitment is developed during the planning phase and enacted throughout the project lifecycle. We utilise hydro and vacuum excavation, which is tightly controlled and means improved safety, reduced backfill, and less disruption to the surrounding environment. We are ISO 14001 – Environmental Management accredited.

Our environmental commitments include:

Civil Contractors Sydney NSW
Hydro Vac Truck Sydney

Hydro Vac Truck

Hydro and vacuum excavation is a non-destructive digging solution, which makes it ideal for sensitive applications and all terrain. Hydro and vacuum excavation is a safe and highly controlled process. Less labour and backfill is needed, and there is less disruption to the surrounding environment.