AZ Connect offers a wide range of cable hauling and installation solutions, including optical fibre hauling, telephone cabling hauling, power cabling, fusion splicing, testing, and commissioning. We use winches and cable blowing machines to help with cable hauling. Access Pits can be installed to make cable hauling easier, rough terrain services are available, and harsh environments and tight locations are all catered for.

We provide the following hauling services:

AZ Connect offers complete cabling solutions, including cable repair, replacement, and NBN installation. Our team is fully certified to repair, replace, or install lead-in cables from the carrier pit to your 1st socket or MDF.

For ADSL/VDSL and cable broadband services, we offer underground or above-ground cabling. We cover optical fibre and RG6 for HFC to the PCD, and work with copper, HFC, and fibre lead-in cables. The type of cable used depends on the type of network installed in your area.

Our Technicians are qualified to install, repair, or replace Telstra/NBN underground or aerial cables. We work with 2-100 pair copper cables to the premises, including FTTN/B & FTTP or HFC cabling. We can locate damaged or blocked underground lead-in pipes, and repair cabling as required before reinstalling new cables. This can be a cost-effective solution compared to new lead-in pipe installation.

Most copper lead-ins have been in place for over 30 years, which can cause drops-outs, slow speeds, and other internet faults. We will test all internet faults, provide you with a detailed report, and provide you with a complete resolution service.

AZ Connect offers a complete decommissioning service for the removal of underground or direct buried cables. The use of cable haulage improves efficiency and reduces cost throughout the removal process. We deliver proven services and offer engineering solutions to compress networks onto better quality pathways.

We offer the following decommissioning solutions:

  • Underground pathway, rod, rope, verification, and placement of rope or mule tape
  • Emergency repair work for disaster recovery
  • Cable wreck-out and removal
  • Underground replacement of fibre optic cable

AZ Connect offers specialist deconstruction services for large outside plant networks and central offices. We have unique skills and engineering experience, along with access to advanced equipment, processes, environmental controls, recycling, audit tracking, and asset monetization.

Our engineering and planning services include the identification and verification of:

  • Cable paths, diverse paths, and workers
  • Consolidate circuits and clear underutilised high-cost cables
  • Outside and inside cable removal (spares, workers, defective, abandoned, riser)
  • Damaged or destroyed cable removal after natural disasters

Decommission project management services:

  • Permitting and traffic control
  • Environmental approvals
  • Asset audit reporting
  • Certifications of deconstruction

AZ Connect has extensive experience with communication cable hauling. We have the knowledge and equipment required to meet the specifications of any project. Our technicians have cable licenes and broad industry experience. We operate 3 individual cable winches, with all equipment calibrated for hauling optical fibre cable, Kevlar rope, slippers, rollers, and swivels. 

We can haul fibre cables in multiple sizes, from long DFN trunk runs down to small 1F drop cables. We can also haul large copper cables and install and terminate all types of fibre optics. Fibre optic splicing and termination requires specific tools and kits, with our experienced team using high-quality equipment to ensure more efficient installation.

Our carrier-grade splicing and testing equipment is calibrated on a regular basis to reduce service disruptions. We follow national wiring standards, use the latest technology, and aim to increase speeds and decrease signal interruptions.

At AZ Connect, we can help you to improve day-to-day efficiency and reduce running costs.

AZ Connect offers traffic signage solutions in accordance with Australian Standards and TfNSW. We supply signage, traffic control devices, and equipment for on-site traffic control.

We provide the following equipment:

  • Signage solutions
  • On-site vehicles and equipment
  • Vehicle-mounted flashing arrow boards
  • Traffic cones 

At AZ Connect, our traffic controllers are registered with TfNSW and experienced with TMP, TCP, PMP, and ROL permits.


AZ Connect offers diverse troughing services for railway applications. Troughs are used on rail networks to protect signalling, telecommunications, and power cables. However, troughs themselves often need protection from heavy machinery and vehicles. Galvanised steel plates supported by timber sleepers are used to cover and protect troughs, and these items are removed once work is completed.

AZ Connect has extensive experience supplying troughing and trough protection solutions on Australian railways. We install troughs for new cable routes, replace existing troughs, and install concrete troughs and light weight GRP (glass reinforced plastic).


We offer the following conduit solutions:

  • Trenching for pits and conduit installation
  • Cable installation through pits and conduits
  • Rodding and installation of draw wires in existing conduits

AZ Connect has the expertise and equipment required to perform cable hauling for National Broadband Network (NBN) applications. Our experienced team offers low voltage to high voltage hauling services, including 132kV and 330 kV cable.

Our specialised cable pulling equipment includes various sized cable hauling winches, cable trailers, drum stands, cable rollers, and guides for use in any location. We have the capability to handle cable drums and cable reels of any size and weight up to 45 ton.

We offer the following NBN services:

  • Network add ons, changes, moves, and restoration activities
  • Field service delivery and restoration to connect homes and networks
  • Reallocate network routes and reinstall cables for new development sites
  • High demand supply of new NBN connections to customer premises
  • Power up and maintain NBN network conversion from copper to optical fibre
  • FTTN & FTTP – network augmentation and network restoration
  • FTTB & FTTP – design and construction

AZ Connect offers an array of cabling services, including rodding & roping for conduit. Rodding and roping techniques are used for new and existing optic fibre and copper cabling projects. Conduit is proved and fed with rope, which assists during repairs, upgrades, and new infrastructure works.

The AZ Connect Underground Services department has the equipment and expertise needed to ensure professional rodding and roping projects. We offer a proven installation service and carry out efficient maintenance and repairs based on past work.