Transport solutions to inspire growth

At AZ Connect, we provide a vast array of transportation services. We have delivered key outcomes across the transport sector, from complex roadside construction projects to traffic management solutions and beyond.

Over the years, we have demonstrated an enduring commitment to the environment and communities of Australia. We are dedicated to the safety of our people and focused on connecting with clients in order to exceed project requirements.

Our people are the core of our capabilities, with highly skilled and experienced teams available across the country. At AZ Connect, our transport solutions are based on trusted advice, industry experience, and complete service delivery.

We offer the following core services:

Civil Works NSW

We have experience installing intelligent transport systems for both the M4 and M7 motorways, including the installation of PVC pipe, pits and manholes, fibre optic cabling, electrical and data cables, cable testing, and commissioning. We have expertise with PTZ and SVD cameras, VSLS signs, CCTV poles, roadside cabinets, distribution boards, and road sensors.